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What is your marketing saying about your business? Is it outdated? Incomplete? Sloppy? Or, even worse; non-existent? Unfortunately, if the way you market your business is any of those things, your potential customers could be questioning your products/services, and costing you more than you even realize. Whether we want to accept it or not, marketing matters! 

Heartbeat of Heaven Marketing (HOHM) can do a few things for your business:


    1. Get you started. 

    We love start-ups! From logo design and even helping you come up with a creative name, to web development and marketing strategy/implementation, we will help you through the entire  process- from start to finish. Or, as we like to say; from nothing to success!


    2. Get you on the right track.

    Sometimes all you need is just a little help and creativity. Often times, business owners have a website built by one company, and then handed  over to them with little-to-no instruction on  how to manage it, leaving the business owner scrambling, frustrated and feeling helpless. If that sounds familiar, we can get you back on track and come up with a  customized plan of     action for moving forward that you can feel good about!


    3. Get your business to the next level.

    So you already have your business established, but you're noticing that it's getting a little, well...stale. What you'd really love are some fresh ideas, maybe a new look to your website, and perhaps some social media marketing help (or advice.) HOHM is perfect for you too! No matter where you  are in your entrepreneurial journey, HOHM has experience with businesses just like yours!


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