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About Us

We're serious about making MARKETING fun.

Our Story

Kris and Anna have been friends since 2017, and recently (officially) became family in June of 2021, when Kris married Anna's firstborn son, Jared. The two share much more than a last name; it's their quirky sense of humor, similar life experiences, drive for success, and heart to serve others that bonds them most. 

Anna was born and raised in Lebanon, Missouri and moved to Springfield to attend college. She got her nursing degree in 1995 from Burge School of Nursing, and went on to get her BSN at Missouri State University in 1999. She worked as a nurse in the emergency and trauma center at Cox Hospital in Springfield for several years, and now resides in Kansas, where she lives with her daughter. Her son Jacob lives in Springfield with his wife Sarah. 

In 2007, Kris moved to Springfield from the Des Moines, Iowa area where she was born and raised, and where she attended community college at DMACC. 
She formally began her career in Marketing in 2013, when she went to work for Mid-West Family in Springfield, where she was happily employed for over 8 years. Besides her husband Jared, Kris has 4 children, 1 granddaughter, and 1 more on the way!
She has always felt called into the ministry, but could never really connect the dots on how, where, or when. In 2016, Kris was introduced to CareCenter Ministries through a friend that she helped attend the Mountain Home, AR location. She watched her friend go through an amazing transformation, as she learned about the CareCenter and how they are different from other "rehabs." They soon became Kris' charity of choice, and she has supported them ever since. 

As Anna eventually learned about the mission of CareCenter Ministries, her heart began to drift towards the cause, she herself seeing many people suffer and even die from addictions, from her years working in the E.R. It was an easy decision to partner up with CareCenter when the girls decided to start a marketing business, and they built the company around the cause, dedicating 10% of their profits to the CareCenter each year.

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