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Where are you at in your business journey? Are you a brand new start-up? Just a few months into your business? Years? What stage you're in will play a big factor in what will determine which of our services will benefit you the most. We like to do an initial uncover-y meeting to make recommendations that are tailored to you, specifically. HOHM is committed to always being upfront about what we believe you need, and what you don't need- if we offer a solution to your problem, great! If we don't offer it, we probably have a partner that we work with that does, and we can get you there. The services listed below are the things HOHM specialize in.

Web Design

Beautiful, eye-catching websites that are not only fully-functional for what your business needs, but really stand out above the rest! One of a kind, and exactly what you've been looking for. You will love the look of your business online, as we integrate it with your overall branding image.

Graphic Design

Image is so important, now more than ever! We will walk you through why it's so important to be consistent with your imaging. At HOH Marketing, we love design and forward thinking! If you need a logo, we would love to help! If you just need graphic/image consistency, we can help build out a line of products to streamline your brand. 

Social Media

You're a business owner, which means you're BUS-Y! We don't blame you for not having the time to keep up with your social media. Don't sweat it any longer! Let HOH Marketing take that off your plate. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.

Campaign Development

So you're branding across a couple different mediums. Is your message creative and consistent? We can develop a campaign that communicates your message, and is consistent across all your marketing platforms. 

Content Marketing

The message you're putting out is the core of your marketing and the foundation upon your entire marketing strategy. We build your content first, and then decide which avenues to market that content.


Anyone with a computer, a little bit of patience, knowledge, and time can "throw" up a website. What we understand, at HOH Marketing, and what sets us apart, is our background and specialty in copywriting. You will never find dull, over-used copy in our websites. Words are very powerful! They should never be an afterthought. Take advantage of our 8+ years of creative copywriting experience to make your message really stand out!


What do you really need? Maybe it's a billboard. Maybe it's a streaming video ad. Maybe it's 6 months of intrusive branding (radio or TV) along with social media ads. Let's uncover the needs together and we will develop a strategy that fits your goals. 

Photography and Video

The most advanced cameras and equipment will make your products and website look like a million bucks! Animated, explainer, educational, commercials, we do them all! If you need a video or professional photos, we want to help! Oh, and if you need funny, we do that too, we're hilarious, just ask us!

OTT/CTV  Campaign for Schmidt, Kirby, & Sullivan

Humorous Website Video For All Trades

What Our Clients Say

Professional Photo Studio


Morrison, Webster, & Carlton

"I have worked with Kris for six or seven years and she is fantastic! Kris knew what my needs were sometimes before I even knew, and was always finding a product or a niche that was perfect for our business. In addition to being someone who always had excellent ides, Kris is a great person as well. Kris puts her whole being into what she's doing and I highly recommend her."

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